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Whitsundays has a number of Backpackers and Hostels which are very good value. Please use the search engine to locate and book. Only part paymet is made!

The Whitsunday Islands are a series of 74 gorgeous islands off of the central coast of Queensland Australia spanning all the way from Bowen to Mackay. The Islands themselves are Whitsundays main selling point, the archetypal embodiment of paradise. When you think of the perfect vocation on a beach in the middle of nowhere, you are thinking the Whitsunday Islands.

People go to Whitsunday to relax and get away from the everyday stresses of life, Whitsunday has all the amenities a traveller could possibly want and then some, the difference is it’s not surrounded by cold city streets and dank buildings. It is everything you want within arms reach, in a truly remarkable environment. One of Whitsundays islands most popular tourist attractions is the one and only Great Barrier Reef, which is the world’s largest reef system. There are only a couple of budget backpacker hostels on Whitsunday Island however and unfortunately they’re quite mediocre. But on nearby hook and South Molle Island, or Queensland you can find a larger selection of budget accommodations, Queensland is by far the most popular location however for youth and backpackers looking to party, more specifically in the Airlie Beach area in North Queensland.

This is backpacker central, the concentration of hostels, night clubs, restaurants and bars here is high, it’s like a theme park for adults. It is perfectly normal and accepted for people here to party until dawn and wake up late in the afternoon, this is a lively area, with a 24 hour night life scene that never sleeps. If you’re a backpacker looking for an accommodations in a great location, where there are a lot of other backpackers similar to yourself, narrow your search to this area, this is where it’s at.

One of the premier Airlie Beach hostels to checkout perfectly located in this general area is the Whitsunday Terrace. The Whitsunday Terrace has not just one, but two pools, a spa and a hot tub. The rooms overlook the oral sea and North Whitsunday Islands, it is a fully loaded hostel, complete with a restaurant and bar, towels and luggage storage are free. It has air conditioning, internet access, washing machines, and no curfew. This is a great choice, right in the central area of Airlie where all the amenities targeted towards backpackers and youth are situated. If you’re not interested in wasting your time rummaging through the many hostels that are situated in the area, give this one a call. It is highly reviewed and well established.

If you’re looking for a hostel a little closer to the Great Barrier Reef, your best budget accommodation is no doubt the Barefoot Lodge on Long Island. It is situated square center in the middle a tropical rainforest, on a lonely Island. This Hostel shares a lot of its ammenitties with the big resort nearby which make this hostel truly an anomaly, the amenities are daunting. With a remarkable climate, white sand, clear water blue waters, thousands of acres of tropical rainforest to explore, and a national park all just a walk away, Barefoot Lodge, on Long Islands succeeds at still making it difficult to explore these marvels. The Barefoot lodge is struffed with extra amenities, that will put your single bedroom apartment back home to shame. With it’s own bar, restaurant, a BBQ area, cafe, internet access, laundry amenities, a hot tub and a pool table, and rates starting at $29.55, the Barefoot lodge speaks for itself, you cannot go wrong with this hostel. This is a prime choice if your main intentions are to get a little closer to the Great Barrier reef, or you actually want to explore the vast tropical rainforests, in other words if your intentions aren’t primarily partying, this is the place to be.

Its always a good idea to book a hostel date in advance, especially when you’re trying to get into a hostel thats in high demand like the hostels mentioned above. They fill up fast especially especially at peak times throughout the year when tourism is high.


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