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A visit to the Whitsunday Islands of Queensland, Australia, usually begins with flying into one of the gateway cities, which include Shute Harbour, Prosperine, and Airlie Beach.  These towns are all on the mainland, and feature many choices of chartered boat, helicopter, and seaplane services. 

For the truly adventurous, a sailboat can be rented and sailed independently between the various islands.  Tours can last from a few hours to a week or more of island hopping.

If you book a stay at one of the island resorts, there will probably be a ferry or other form of transportation provided to get you from the gateway city to the island at which you have reservations.  Several of the islands have well maintained walking tracks for those who want to walk to see the natural beauty and wildlife of the pristine Whitsundays up close. 

Aviation Adventures offers a view of the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands from the comfort of a bubble helicopter.  Fantasea Adventure Cruises offers access to Reefworld by air conditioned catamaran.  Reefworld is a large floating reef pontoon that provides visitors a chance to learn all about the life of the reef.  It is interesting to adults but also friendly for families with children.


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