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Experiences in Whitsundays

Hook Island

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Just south of Hayman Island is the much larger Hook Island. Hook Island in the Whitsundays northeast of the Australian continent is rugged and almost uninhabited. 

Hook Island

It is mostly national park land.  It is one of the larger islands in the chain, and sits just south of Hayman Island.  It's shape is unusual in that it features two deep inlets on the south end. 

The northern coast is a good place to dive and see the coral reef habitat up close.  During hot weather, many colorful butterflies descend on the island.  As a vacation spot, Hook Island is a bit off the beaten path, offering seclusion and close contact with nature rather than a varied night life or shopping experience.

This is one of the few islands upon which camping is permitted. There are walking trails and two substantial peaks, of which the higher is Hook Peak at 459 metres. At Nara Inlet, at the south of the island, there are aboriginal cave paintings. There is also an underwater observatory nine metres beneath the surface of the sea off the island. This is a popular island for day visits.

Crayfish Beach
The beaches on the north shores of Hook Island, including Crayfish beach, are covered with coral pebbles instead of sand, and make great places for exploring underwater.

Hook Island Observatory
The Observatory allows visitors to descend nine meters below the surface of the ocean to view the colorful coral reef fish and plant life from the safety of viewing windows.  There are windows on two separate levels.

Hook Island Wilderness Resort
The resort on Hook Island features four cabins located along the beach front.  There is also a bistro for meals and the Barefoot Bar for relaxing with a drink.  The cabins have refrigerators for those who want to bring some of their own food.

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