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Experiences in Whitsundays

Lindeman Island

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Home of Club Med resort. There is an airstrip for light aircraft. The island has some pleasant walks, but is a little too far away from Shute Harbour to be popular for day trips.

A small island of only 690 hectares of national park land, Lindeman Island is the southernmost of the Whitsundays. It is home to the only Club Med resort in Australia. 

Lindeman Island features12 miles of maintained trails for hikers and bushwalkers, leading to places as diverse as the peak of Mt. Oldfield to Butterfly Valley.

Birdwatchers enjoy Lindeman Island, as it provides habitat for over 90 varieties of birds.  The Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage provides a map and brochure to guide visitors along the many trails.  In addition to exploring the natural beauty of the island itself, numerous day trips to neighboring islands, beaches, and the Great Barrier Reef are available, accessible by helicopter, seaplane, yacht, and more.

Club Med Circus School
For families staying at the Club Med resort on Lindeman Islands, there is the opportunity for the children to go to a real circus school.  Kids over four can take lessons in juggling, trapeze, trampoline, and more while parents have some adult time.

Lindeman Islands National Park
The national park consists of a number of small islands.  The pace is slow and the weather is tropical.  Three of the islands have campsites available.  From May to September, visitors may spot a humpback whale.  Neck Bay is a beautiful spot for watching the sunset, and hikers can see beautiful views from the top of Mt. Oldfield.


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