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Experiences in Whitsundays

North Molle Island

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North Molle Island is a rarely visited member of the Whitsunday Islands.  That makes it a great spot for campers who enjoy a primitive camping experience. 

It is accessible from all of the other islands in the Whitsundays including the nearby cousin South Molle Island, which is more equipped for tourism. 

Many people who visit the Molle Islands or the Whitsundays in general go island hopping in yachts and other sea vessels.  North Molle Island, which is part of the Molle Islands National Park, is one of the islands they usually miss.

There are two peaks on North Molle.  They are Mt. Chaine and Mt. Sharp.  Mt. Chaine, located on the southern end of the island, rises to a height of 213 meters above sea level.  On the north end of the island, Mt. Sharp stands at 140 meters.  The very northern most tip of North Molle is called Hanna Point.

The history of North Molle Island includes the Cooke family, owners of the island in the early 1900s, who had a sheep operation, with a shearing shed on the south end of the island.  In the 50s, a freshwater creek on the island was dammed up, and the water taken by tank on ships to the nearby Daydream Island and Hayman Island.  Since then, the water has been rerouted to serve a drinking tap just behind the most northerly beach on the western shore of North Molle.


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