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Experiences in Whitsundays


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Located in Queensland on the mainland of Australia, the small town of Prosperine, which serves as the local administrative center for the Whitsunday shire.  Prosperine has an airport with daily flights arriving.  Main Street has four pubs in which to eat a meal and swap stories with locals and other tourists. 


Prosperine serves as a gateway town for tourists who want to explore the Whitsunday Islands, and is linked to other parts of Australia by bus, air, and train.  Other activities include touring a sugar crushing factory, since one of the main industries in the area is raising sugar cane.

Lake Prosperine
Just northwest of the city of Prosperine is Lake Prosperine and the Peter Faust Dam.  The lake has been stocked with freshwater fish, and is a good family picnic spot.  There are restrooms, barbecue facilities, and picnic tables available at the lake.  A natural swimming hole is located nearby at Cedar Creek Falls.

Main Street
In addition to the aforementioned pubs, Prosperine's Main Street is home to a historical museum and a Cultural Hall with aboriginal artifacts on display.  In addition, the buildings feature art deco styling.

Conway National Park
Near Prosperine are several national parks.  Conway National Park features beachfront views and walks, but visitors have to watch out for stinging jelly fish from October to May.

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