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Experiences in Whitsundays

South Molle Island

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South Molle Island is also near the mainland. South Molle Island Resort is situated here. There are a number of walking trails to the peak of th Island which rises to 195 metres. Blue Ferries operate the transfer service.

South Molle Island

All of the Whitsunday Islands are great vacation spots, but South Molle Island is reported to be the most affordable of them.  South Molle is only eight km. away from Shute Harbor.  It features grasslands, rain forest areas, secluded bays with white sandy beaches, and reefs along the fringes.  The number of visitors at any one time is limited, which ensures that everyone has a pleasant time.

Spion Kop Track
Spion Kop Track is a popular trail on the northern side of South Molle Island.  The trail takes bushwalkers through eucalypt forests, grasslands, and pockets of rain forest habitat.  Sometimes hikers see colonies of the large bats known as flying foxes.  Another portion of the track passes by an aboriginal quarry, where natives once acquired stone for making tools and weapons.

Molle Islands National Park
The Molle Islands are virtually joined together.  During low tide, visitors can walk to Mid Molle from the north coast of South Molle Island.  In addition to the beaches, trails, and pockets of rain forest found in the area, the national park includes a wildlife preserve.  During the late spring, visitors to the national park can watch the coral spawn, which looks like an underwater snowstorm.

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